15 Brilliant Wedding Ideas To Make Your Special Day Unforgettable in 2018

Your Wedding is one day that you and your partner will always remember and it will be engraved in
the heart of you both for a lifetime. It is usually the smallest unexpected Unique Ideas that make the
impact making your day the most memorable. It is not always about the entertainment, or the food
that can make a difference but every minute detail counts.

Couples these days are very enthusiastic about their main day and these ideas can help create a
mark – an impact in the minds and hearts of everyone who is attending the wedding. A small touch
of creativity and imagination when properly discussed, planned and executed can do wonders to
glam up your big day.

Following are some of the best wedding ideas to make your special day as memorable as forever:
  1.  Mesmerizing Entry: No one earlier gave much important to bridal entrance before, however this is no more the situation. The trend has evolved and this is now the most awaited part of the wedding ceremony. A powerful entrance is sure to touch the hearts of the guests and add to creating a memorable experience for one and all.
  2.  ‘Baarat Swagat’ with Flower Shower: Welcoming the ‘Baarat’ with shower of flowers from all around is sure to take them by surprise and is going to be one another way to make the day special and memorable.
  3.  Smoke Bombs: Wedding is all about colours and using these colour smoke bombs will not only make the picture more attractive but will also help win over the hearts of the guests. Guests are going to be taken aback by surprise and it is sure to be memorable for all
  4. Flower Path: A flower path on your wedding is alluring enough a memory to last in the mind of all attending the wedding. Sure its wedding idea make your special day unforgettable.
  5. Food Twist: Revamping the food names along with few items in the menu and breaking the stereotypical food ideas is sure to surprise the guests, and anything different is sure to stay in the minds of people for much longer time
  6. DIY Stall: Adding a DIY counter for the guests, allowing them to choose their own veggies etc is a very new and unique concept which is not so popular. This extra bit of creativity will require some mouth-watering filling recipes.
  7. Customized Cake: Plan a customized cake for your wedding and add a twist to it by giving it a personal touch.
  8. Selfie – Counters: Selfie Counters are now a very popular concept in parties and these days. A properly conceptualized theme based photo booth is sure to get all the limelight on your wedding.
  9. Awe-inspiring ‘Mandap’: An area that gets the most attention from the guest in the whole venue, is the area where the actual ceremony would be taking place which is the ‘mandap’. Creating a beautifully designed ‘mandap’ with right colours matching the theme of the wedding is sure to have an impact on the minds of the guests.
  10. Wedding Cinematographic Photos Shoot: Hiring photographers to capture the special moments on the wedding is very common. However pre wedding shoot, wedding teaser promotion, save the date promotion etc are ways to glam up the wedding preparation.
  11. Live wedding painter: Having a live painter to paint your wedding is a very romantic idea and should be given a try. This will give a very royal feeling and is sure to touch the hearts of the family concerned.
  12. Personalized Stamp: Get a stamp designed with the initials of the groom and bride and these initials will be throughout the wedding to add an element of personal touch.
  13. Couples Games: Conceptualize interesting and funny games for the groom and bribe. These games will keep the audience engaged and interested in the event and will also help lighten the mood and ease the guests.
  14. Social media hashtag: Create a personalized hashtag and the same should be promoted on all social media handles. Most of the free time people spend on social media platforms and promoting the wedding through hashtags on these platforms will help register the event in the minds of the people and also help in building curiosity and enthusiasm among the guests
  15. Creating a website: Design either a free wordpress website or a normal website with a quirky domain address. This will have all necessary information with regard to the groom, the bride and the wedding. I think this is a unique wedding idea and it's definitely something I would keep in mind for the future.
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