With planning destination weddings since so many years, Myshaadiwale is gradually expanding to the whole of India and internationally. We have been planning grand marriages in Goa, Kerala, Malaysia, and Turkey, and now we have expanded to the city of dreams ‘Mumbai’ as well. We are glad to announce that Myshaadiwale is successfully planning elite weddings in Mumbai, where the life is dreamy, classy, lively and progressive.

Mumbai in Maharashtra is a hub for elite lifestyle, business, fashion, film industry, high education and good paying jobs. People come to situate in Mumbai from all over India in search of a meaningful and progressive livelihood. But this place is not only about living here; this place tops in its urban culture and beauty. If you are someone who has lived their entire life outside Mumbai and dreamt of having a Mumbai Wedding Planners, then this is your chance here with Myshaadiwale With a reputation for making weddings grand, Myshaadiwale is a Destination Wedding Planners in Mumbai, who can get you married in the city of dreams.


Grand weddings at an affordable price

Weddings have been and always are very expensive. Since the day our children are born, we keep entire savings for their marriage so that we can get them married in the majestic way possible with the blessings of our near and dear ones and with that of God. We understand this financial burden weddings can create, due to age-old customs, rituals, and traditions of India; the need to do a big fat wedding in the Indian society has never ended. But Myshaadiwale is one such Destination Wedding Planner in Mumbai who believes in being logical, rational and realistic. We understand the value of the hard earned money of every individual out there, and we offer a range of wedding plans according to your budget. We would love to serve you with our best hospitality and services and make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life. Therefore, we offer weddings at such a good price, which you will struggle to find anywhere else.


Tie-ups with the best decorators and florists

What makes a marriage set look beautiful if it is not the creativity of a set designer and the exotic flowers of a florist. Getting married in Mumbai means, to get married in one of the most beautifully designed wedding sets. This Urban city, with so much of things being concrete, technical and far from nature, some florists can arrange for you the sweetest scented flowers, and there are designers who can incorporate these flowers in the most creative, unique and appealing manner. Myshaadiwale, a Wedding Planners in Mumbai has tie-ups with many florists and set designers around Mumbai, who bring out the essence of Mumbai destination wedding. The set designers have their handcrafted pieces and some imported pieces. All the pieces and decorations are carefully placed in and around the set to give an alluring look to the whole venue. Everything is planned and is mapped out with your choice and consent. We organize the florists and set designers for you according to your budget, and we make sure to leave your evening in a lively way as possible. Our collaborated set designers make use of beautiful fairy lights, cloths, fabrics, artefacts, furniture, showpieces, and garlands of flowers, which make the whole venue look vibrant, vivid and full of happiness.


Myshaadiwale‘s professional and passionate team of wedding planners

Myshaadiwale has successfully planned weddings across India and has had an international reach as well. This is solely because of the exuberant team that we have. Our team of Wedding Planner in Mumbai consists of individuals who are skilled at what they do, and they carry out their job with passion. Planning an event as big as a wedding needs a lot of creativity and hard work. But there is no place for hard work if there is no passion for working after it and pursuing it. The team of Myshaadiwale is glad to have such professionals on their team who give their 100% to their job. We give everything that we have got so that you become satisfied and happy with the service for which you have paid for. The team of wedding planners consists of members that are experts in diverse fields and are unique in their way. Every member handles the job of marketing, public relations, communications, business administration, planning, etc. very delicately.


Your happiness is our success

A customer’s satisfaction is our success. We value customer feedback the most. Myshaadiwale has managed to thrive and make a global presence because of the clients like you who have cooperated with us and believed in us. We have served many clients over the period, and we wish to serve you and make you one of our happiest clients too.



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