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Does getting married in the middle of the Arabian Sea excite you? Then getting married at Lakshadweep islands is the perfect option for you. Lakshadweep islands are a stunning wedding destination off the coast of mainland India. Often referred to as “the tropical paradise of India” is a great place for weddings of all sizes and the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the place makes it the aptest destination for a romantic occasion as this.

Lakshadweep islands have been gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years among couples planning for their dream destination wedding not only in India but also among couples based outside India. Lakshadweep islands are a collection of 36 islands in total and it is the only collection of islands believed to have a coral reef. Each of the islands is blessed with its unique beauty and one can choose the one that matches its requirements and preferences.  While some islands are closer to the sea, some take pride in the lush green vegetation of the place while some are not accessible to normal tourists for safety and other serious reasons.

Approximately 300-400 kilometers from Kerala, these pristine and exotic islands are located off the southwest coast of India.  One can easily travel to this tropical paradise through the air or via ship through Cochin and Kerala. It approximately takes an hour or so to reach this place through the air and approximately a day when traveling via ship.

This place is blessed with a richness of flora, fauna and marine life and is also home to vistas that are sure to keep everyone attending your wedding awestruck. There are many hotels and resorts built very close to the azure waters and golden shining sands for planning yours and your guests’ stay close to the beach.

There are a lot of options available when planning your wedding in the Lakshadweep Islands.  One can opt for a dreamy beach wedding  along the mesmerizing beaches or hire a cruise ship or a boat for holding the auspicious ceremonies of a wedding. If you are not so much into the usual pomp affair of a normal traditional wedding and is more interested in something more intimate and soul enriching experience, wedding at Lakshadweep islands is the perfect option for you.

Popular Wedding Destination in Lakshadweep Islands

When planning for a wedding in the Lakshadweep islands, you can check out like Bangaram, Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Agatti, Minicoy, and Kadmat for possible wedding destinations. If water sports is exciting you that each of these islands has many options for you to participate in challenging your adrenaline to its core.  Agatti is rich in marine life and beautiful coral reefs making on the other hand Kavaratti is the most developed area as it is the administrative capital. Similarly, Kalpani is famous for the big lagoon and pretty islets. Bangaram is famous for the natural beauty and tranquillity and is popular among couples looking for a peaceful destination for conducting their wedding.

Average wedding arrangements comes in the bracket of 20 lakh to 40 lakhs.

Hire Myshaadiwale for Your Beach Wedding

Myshaadiwale have tie-ups with wedding venues, resorts, and hotels all across the nation and can help you plan your wedding when planning for a destination wedding at the Lakshadweep. They have an experience of over 700+ diverse wedding all across the country and so you can rest assured as they are best in the industry. With a team of 100+ sincere and dedicated professionals, everything is rightly taken care of.

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