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Wedding Planning – Debunking Common Myths

Myths About A Wedding Planner:

Wedding planners are a little bit like unicorns. There are countless myths about what wedding planners do. Maybe someone told you a planner will take all the fun out of planning your wedding. Maybe you’ve heard you don’t need a wedding planner because your friends and family will help.  Most likely, you think you can’t hire a planner because you’re working with a strict budget. This is the myth we hear the most — that wedding planners are just too expensive. The thing about myths is that they’re hardly ever true.

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MYTH 1: “Wedding planners are expensive and only work with brides and grooms with large budgets.”

Yes, there are wedding planners who work exclusively with the rich and famous, but the majority of wedding planners in India will work with a variety of budgets and offer various packages and services for engaged couples to choose from.  Not all couples want or need someone to help with the entire planning process, so they hire a wedding coordinator for wedding month-of services only. Maybe they only need recommendations on vendors in their area which many wedding planners will provide for a small fee as well.  If a bride and groom have heard good things about a wedding planner, they will want to ask what are all the types of services offered and what types of budgets the wedding planner works with.

MYTH 2: “If a planner is hired, they are going to take over the wedding and make it all about them.”

As professional wedding planners, our intention is to bring all of the wedding plans into a reality. We – Beach wedding planners in India, want the bride and groom to enjoy the planning process, the wedding day, and all of the events leading up to it. A wedding planner listens to her clients, gets to know their style and personality, then pulls all of the details together to make the event reflect the couple. We – Celebrity wedding planner in India, are there to fix any problems that may arise without the guests, couple, or wedding party ever knowing something happened.

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MYTH 3: “Between Pinterest ideas, DIY skills, and family and friends to help , no one needs to hire anyone.”

Pinterest, the Internet, and help from family and friends is wonderful; however, a wedding planner is able to focus solely on the wedding planning and not have to juggle DIY projects on top of all of the other stresses of being a bride or groom. A bride and groom need someone who is going to be okay missing a toast on the wedding day to make sure the food is being served on time or doesn’t mind keeping track of hundreds of miscellaneous details.

Friends and family are going to offer assistance and there is no harm is taking it, but having a professional royal wedding planner allows for someone to step in if there are too many opinions, of if things aren’t getting done on time or in the way the bride and groom wanted. Some planners also offer help with DIY projects which can take a load of stress off the bride and groom.

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MYTH 4: “The venue has its own onsite coordinator so hiring a professional planner isn’t required”

It is helpful to work with a good onsite coordinator who has dealt with many events at that venue. The benefit, though, of working with a professional wedding planner is that he or she will be with you throughout the entire planning process and will make sure that you have more than a few choices for vendors.

Professional planners also offer budget projections, budget management, design guidance, creation of detailed wedding day schedules, constant communication with the vendor team, and he or she will also attend many vendor consultations with their clients.  Most venue coordinators will provide only vendor recommendations and a general outline of the wedding day timing. Professional planners love working with great onsite coordinators but their job and our job is very different.