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Myths About A Wedding Planner:

Wedding planners are a little bit like unicorns. There are countless myths about what wedding planners do. Maybe someone told you a planner will take all the fun out of planning your wedding. Maybe you’ve heard you don’t need a wedding planner because your friends and family will help.  Most likely, you think you can’t hire a planner because you’re working with a strict budget. This is the myth we hear the most — that wedding planners are just too expensive. The thing about myths is that they’re hardly ever true.

wedding planner in bangalore

MYTH 1: “Wedding planners are expensive and only work with brides and grooms with large budgets.”

Yes, there are wedding planners who work exclusively with the rich and famous, but the majority of wedding planners in India will work with a variety of budgets and offer various packages and services for engaged couples to choose from.  Not all couples want or need someone to help with the entire planning process, so they hire a wedding coordinator for wedding month-of services only. Maybe they only need recommendations on vendors in their area which many wedding planners will provide for a small fee as well.  If a bride and groom have heard good things about a wedding planner, they will want to ask what are all the types of services offered and what types of budgets the wedding planner works with.

MYTH 2: “If a planner is hired, they are going to take over the wedding and make it all about them.”

As professional wedding planners, our intention is to bring all of the wedding plans into a reality. We – Beach wedding planners in India, want the bride and groom to enjoy the planning process, the wedding day, and all of the events leading up to it. A wedding planner listens to her clients, gets to know their style and personality, then pulls all of the details together to make the event reflect the couple. We – Celebrity wedding planner in India, are there to fix any problems that may arise without the guests, couple, or wedding party ever knowing something happened.

Celebrity wedding planners in india

MYTH 3: “Between Pinterest ideas, DIY skills, and family and friends to help , no one needs to hire anyone.”

Pinterest, the Internet, and help from family and friends is wonderful; however, a wedding planner is able to focus solely on the wedding planning and not have to juggle DIY projects on top of all of the other stresses of being a bride or groom. A bride and groom need someone who is going to be okay missing a toast on the wedding day to make sure the food is being served on time or doesn’t mind keeping track of hundreds of miscellaneous details.

Friends and family are going to offer assistance and there is no harm is taking it, but having a professional royal wedding planner allows for someone to step in if there are too many opinions, of if things aren’t getting done on time or in the way the bride and groom wanted. Some planners also offer help with DIY projects which can take a load of stress off the bride and groom.

royal wedding planners in india

MYTH 4: “The venue has its own onsite coordinator so hiring a professional planner isn’t required”

It is helpful to work with a good onsite coordinator who has dealt with many events at that venue. The benefit, though, of working with a professional wedding planner is that he or she will be with you throughout the entire planning process and will make sure that you have more than a few choices for vendors.

Professional planners also offer budget projections, budget management, design guidance, creation of detailed wedding day schedules, constant communication with the vendor team, and he or she will also attend many vendor consultations with their clients.  Most venue coordinators will provide only vendor recommendations and a general outline of the wedding day timing. Professional planners love working with great onsite coordinators but their job and our job is very different.

Wedding planner in Bangalore

We all know Pondicherry is famous as a popular tourist destination. The city has churches, temples, colonial buildings. The most famous tourist destination in Pondicherry is Promenade Beach. Auroville beach and Serenity beach are also famous beaches in Pondicherry. Records of Pondicherry have been found after arrival of Dutch, Portuguese, British and French colonialists. So it can be said that Pondicherry has a good historical background.

wedding planners in bangalore india

If you are thinking of having a destination wedding in such a place having a good historical back ground, Pondicherry is an awesome choice. MyShaadiWale – wedding planners in Bangalore, being a wedding planner, provides a one stop solution for all of your need for a destination wedding in Pondicherry. As wedding are said to be made in heaven and Indian wedding is a big occasion and can also be termed a festival, it is our job to make it special for you.

Wedding planner in Bangalore

Wedding Services that we provide

We take care of everything from the start to end of the event


  • We believe on customer interaction. If any client is unable to come to our office, we meet that client at his place like in his office or in his house.
  • We have all kinds of designs and decoration based on the events, but we always prefer to listen to and understand the client’s advice.
  • We plan the wedding which fits client’s budget.
  • Our main motto is client satisfaction and so we give preference to our clients.
Wedding Day

Wedding Day

On- Event

  • All the decorations and arrangement will be completed at least before one hour of starting the event or ceremony.
  • Our team will be present at the occasion to lend you a hand with any of your requirements.
  • If any aspect of the plan has to change urgently, we will inform our client before doing anything. Otherwise we prefer to abide by the on the final plan which the client has approved.
  • The day of the ceremony will always be memorable for the client and for all those attending the wedding for their guests.

MyShaadiWale Wedding planners

Post event

  • We will provide a photo album of the whole ceremony to the client. If the client has any specification to be maintained that will be at the top of our list of priorities.
  • We will send the draft copy of the album to the client for their approval. After that we will send it for the printing.
  • We provide a perfectly edited video of the event to the client. We are also capable of providing the whole live video recording if client ask for that.
  • All the settlement is going to be done in a clear and honest manner with written proof.

Bangalore Wedding Planners

Our responsibility

We take responsibilities as per the requirements of the client. We can arrange from best quality cuisine to best wedding venue, from the guests welcome to entertainment arrangement, from the fireworks to stage decoration elements. We are expert at any element of a wedding. We take our clients through an array of services that we have.

wedding responsibility

Vendor planning

We do this part of a wedding as per client’s need. It always depends on their tradition and we usually contact some particular vendors for this type of work who are reliable. If our client wants to go for a comparison shopping, we can arrange that for them as per their interest. If a client wants to hire vendor from outside he/she is free to do so, though he/she will be anxious on whether they will come in time or not. But if you leave it on us, you will enjoy a tension free wedding ceremony as it would be our responsibility to take care of all that.

Wedding planning bangalore India

Menu Planning

We can plan the menu for the precious day for you as you are likely to be confused between Indian cuisine and global cuisine. We will provide you with a good cook who will also give preferences to your need and would never let your expectation down. We also take care of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Wedding menu planning

Pre wedding ceremonies and wedding rehearsal

We also organize pre wedding ceremonies like Sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi etc. And we design every aspect of those events very carefully to ensure that your tradition is maintained. And pre wedding rehearsals is a big part of wedding planning. It provides a whole version of that big day in a small way so that client can ensure that everything goes right. Moreover we arrange dance rehearsals for the big day.

Pre wedding ceremonies

Theme planning

Theme selection for the wedding ceremony will fully depend on the family members of the client. Our wedding experts has the experience and creativity to make your wedding a very unique one and precious too.

Theme wedding planning India


Wedding Designing

Our expert designers monitor each and every moment of the event to design it more uniquely.

Wedding Decoration

The whole wedding decoration of the ceremony depends on the theme and designs, selected by the family member of the client. It can be floral decoration, vintage decoration and more and we can help with these.


We Offer services like DJs, stage performances, singing performance and dance program to ensure that your wedding is a fun filled wedding.

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Hospitality is a great point of our service as we never give you any scope to complain about that. From the hotel booking for the guests to travelling and sightseeing and shopping we cover these under the hospitality services that we offer.

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Honeymoon Planning

Lastly we can plan a mesmerizing honeymoon package for the newly wedded couple complete with grand welcome treat and party so that it remains fresh in their memory always. And the other features of the honeymoon that we arrange for include candle light dinner, quality accommodation, transportation and most importantly privacy.

Honeymoon Planning

Why us:

  • Our aim is to get back promptly to our clients, with in a period of 24 hours.
  • Our experienced specialists can design a ceremony that is going to make your precious day more special.
  • We ensure that we will provide high quality works that meets a high level of standard.
  • We honor your reviews. We opt for your feedback at the end of the ceremony so that we can improve in any area.
  • We love what we do. Our key of success is the conceptualization, innovation, experience and loyalty.

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All these are the services that you can get from us. We are the ultimate destination for your dream marriage ceremony with world class facilities. You can count on us. Your most awaited wedding will be the most precious and entertaining wedding anyone ever attended.