Cost of a Destination Wedding in Udaipur, India

Udaipur is fast becoming the chosen spot for destination wedding place in India by both Indians as well as foreigners. There are many reasons for this. We – destination wedding planners in India, will look at a few of these over here.

Udaipur for Destination Wedding

It is conveniently located. There are daily flights from Mumbai, Delhi and many other locations in the world. Besides, it can easily be reached by bus or train. It is located near Gujarat making it convenient for NRI families of Gujarat to reach this location. It has ample accommodation options in all budget ranges. Besides, all the major 5 star hotel chains are located here. Udaipur has all the benefits of a metro city but without the accompanying issues such as traffic jams, pollution and so on.

This is a beautiful city that will please all with its aesthetics. It offers ample options for safaris, excursions and sight-seeing to all.

Fairy Tale Wedding

Typically people like to come here for a fairy tale wedding. They would like to have a wedding in a dream setting like a palace or a lake. There are many such venues available here. You can get a destination wedding package deal here from our best wedding planners. This would typically include the venue for wedding, décor, and food for guests. Do note that you may or may not be provided accommodation here. As per the number of guests and the kind of wedding you want, the cost will vary. Do note that Udaipur can provide you options ranging from a couple of guests to a few thousand. The cost will vary accordingly compared to big fat Indian wedding.

Palatial Weddings

Udaipur is known for hosting weddings in palaces. There are a number of palaces that offer this. Do note that there are a number of hotels which are constructed like palaces. These are able to provide you the kind of wedding that you may be looking for. If you are able to afford it, then you can have a wedding in a princely style. This would include having elephants, palanquins and a lot of frill in your wedding. Do note that typically such hotels allow these destination weddings only if a minimum number of rooms are booked too. They do not like to entertain too many non-resident guests. Also, they may not be able to organize too many of such weddings in a year. So make sure that you book well in advance!

If you want to talk to our wedding planners, please send email to us.

If you want to talk to our wedding planners, please send email to us.

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