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Cruise wedding sets an example for ‘your wedding something different’. It is not always important to be a billionaire to do something unique. Nothing is impossible, for a very happy onset of life one can opt for a cruise wedding, sailing from one point to another as an ‘ocean liner’ or have a ‘nowhere voyage’ experience with a parked cruise, along with your most loving guests, having the elegant decor for the wedding and also the cocktail party with some skillful bar tenders driving you crazy with the spirits.

Once you are through with the wedding, relish the beauty of the cruise, with adorable dolphins leaping above the sea water in various patterns just to give you a close view, and the stars twinkling just so that you could spend a romantic night on your honey moon, with all the arrangements made admirably by Myshaadiwalewedding planners in Bangalore India.

Cruise is also a good place to have a celebration of the special day in the year, your wedding anniversary, having the romantic mid ocean candle light date with your beloved and to make the moment even more precious toast some champagne.

As we are best cruise wedding planners, we arrange Cruise party in various mind blowing destinations Goa, Andaman, Srilanka, Maldives, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Dubai, Bali and more are a part of the packages that Myshaadiwale (cruise wedding planners in India) offer.

Cruise wedding can be made possible at ones feasible budget. There are a variety of cruises available which has different set ups and pricing.

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