Honeymoon Suits : Suits that will make your honeymoon an extravaganza

Besides the suites, and SUITES are also there and in this article we provide you with a quick look at a number of the most lavish, and a number of the most wacky and exclusive suites worldwide that you can Honeymoon in. Naturally the cost availing such a suite might exceed the amount you spend on your wedding ceremony, but you never know what luck has in store for you. Maybe a trip to a casino and you’ll earn a sum that will cover the cost of going to such a suit and also leave quite a bit of cash in your hand.

Two storied sky villa located at The Palms of Vegas for bringing out the naughty side of your personality

The most unbelievable feature of this unbelievable Two Storied Sky Villa, which is also referred to as Hugh Hefner suite is its Cantilevered pool, which is basically Spa having an enclosure of glass that pulls out from the veranda from where one can catch a sight of the complete Vegas Strip.
But there is more, it also features a revolving bed, your personal private elevator of glass and furnishings that are contemporary, sexy and really plush. As mentioned above the feature of this suite that stands out is undoubtedly the Cantilevered pool that pulls out from the veranda.

Terrace Suite of Intercontinental Hong Kong for having passionate time beneath the stars

The Terrace Suite that covers an area of 4,500 square foot is celebrated for its up to date styling, and exceptionally large veranda overlooking Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbor. Couples have the option of organizing a night “beneath the Stars” as they can camp out on their own veranda, which is characterized by an infinity Jacuzzi and lets you catch spectacular sights over the waterfront. You also have the privileges of duvet, mosquito netting, candles, cushions, & rose petals. The other services that the suite offers are transportation by Rolls-Royce, a Dom Pérignon for greeting those who have arrived, a confidential dinner for a couple on the veranda, and butler service that is available round the clock. The feature of this suite that stands out is to enjoy a night out camping on the private veranda by the side of its infinity Jacuzzi.

Hardwood Suite of the Palms in Vegas

Built on an area of 10,000 square feet and having two floors this gigantic suite features a covered basketball court, specialized locker room along with fold out beds that are NBA-sized that let you enjoy a comfortable nap right there on the court. For a couple who are both basket ball enthusiasts, this is the perfect suit to go for. The feature of this suite that stands out is that it has an integrated lounge complete with a boogie floor, butler service on being asked for, a personal pool table as well as an enclosed basket ball court and a great deal more.

Royal Suite Plaza Athenee in Paris: perfect for the chic couple

This suit is built on an area of 4,843 square-feet and is made up of four bedrooms, four restrooms, and a couple of lounges along with a workplace and kitchen area. This is a suite that overlooks Eiffel Tower, and the illustrious Avenue Montaigne and is adorned with furnishings that are of the time of Louis in tinges of gold and purple. The wow factor of this suite is the sights that you can catch. You can enjoy the sight of the Eiffel tower lighting up while having your dinner.

Resort Room in Manta of Tanzania: ideal for water aficionados

This is basically a personal gliding island where you can have a bedroom that is four meters beneath the water surface. You have the option of sunbathing and star gazing its top deck, enjoying a dinner on its water deck and lastly retiring for the night beneath the water and behold the tropical wonder that surrounds you as you drift off to sleep. You might consider booking an all-encompassing package complete with breakfast, lunch, & dinner while booking a room in this suite as having stepped into this place you possibly will not wish stepping out.

Royal Deluxe suite of the Ice Hotel in Sweden: Perfect for the couple who love experimenting

If you yearn for an experience that is one of its kind the Royal Deluxe Suite of the Ice Hotel is likely to catch your attention. Living here is the closest that you can get to residing within a wedge of ice, though with elaborated sculpting. This suite features an integral bathroom & sauna having a heating system and a chunky mattress with a spring system and a pillow top. While booking the deluxe suite you always have the option of a Complimentary personal changing room. The wow factor of this place is definitely the experience of residing inside Ice.

Jewel Suite in New York Palace is a place that is really a luxury

This suite is built on an area of 5,000-square-foot and is a triplex that is the product of jeweller Martin Katz. This suite features a personal Maybach car service, White coloured chocolate diamond truffles inside its majestic parlor along with a ring of diamond that has been fashioned by Martin Katz. Visitors have the option of consulting the designer personally for finding the ideal sizing and enjoying luxury that is one of its kinds. This suite is three storied complete with a personal veranda, hot tub as well as a magnificent piano. The wow factor of this suite is definitely the diamond ring that you get as a complimentary gift and your very own Maybach service.

Royal Suite in Burj Al Arab of Dubai for getting a royal treatment

Enjoy the pleasure of getting to the Royal suite via a suite elevator that is for your use only. Having stepped inside you are going to stumble on a personal dining area that can accommodate twelve people, the biggest contingent of butlers that you can avail 24/7, and private bars along with a janitor service that is going to literally pander to every whim of yours. Stories about this suite include one of the janitors flying out to get you Macaroons from Paris in 24 hours. The features that you can avail are the Hermes amenities inside the restroom, a 24 karat Golded iPad for personal use, a revolving bed, restrooms that are meant for royal people and a choice of 17 varieties of pillows. The wow factor of this suite is definitely its janitorial service.

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