Radhika & Gaurav

It was the last week of December 2013, when the phone rang at our office and we discovered that the call was from Bahrain. An excited Mangalorean mother named Hema Malini wanted a beautiful wedding planned for her Daughter-Radhika and the Son-in-law-Gaurav. She also told us that she would just bring the bride and groom on the day of the wedding and we would have to take care of everything.

Our assistance was primarily required for this wedding, since they had guests from all corners of the world. Radhika’s family being Mangaloreans, lived in Bahrain for more than 25 years, leaving them with minimal roots in India. Radhika moved to Toronto for her further studies, where she met her ‘Mr. Perfect’- Gaurav, a Punjabi who is based out of Delhi. They waited no more to fall in love. The fairytale continued and they both are now bankers in Toronto. The only thing they dreamed together was to have a Special wedding in a country they originally belonged to.

The sole reason for us to take up this wedding was because fusion weddings is our forte and to create a successful fusion wedding involving the Mangalorean customs with the Punjabi Tadka was a wonderful experience.

The best part about the Sangeet was that we brought in the Arabic theme with the Punjabi Dhol, setting the stage on fire for the Sangeet giving them the feel of Bahrain as well as Punjab. The wedding was a typical Mangalorean Brahmin wedding with the Golden Ganesh idols placed in all corners.

It was more than a pleasure to witness both the families happy with a big smile on their faces at the end of the wedding.