Since years, Wedding Carpet has successfully worked with families and has made destination weddings a grand event. Weddings are an inevitable part of India. In India, the word ‘wedding’ has more meaning to it than how it is defined. It is not only the union of two souls but also the families of those two souls that all come together and celebrate the auspicious ceremony of the two turning into one. Wedding carpet is one such Destination Wedding Planners in Goa, who makes sure that this occasion ends on a note of success, happiness, extravagance, and grandeur.

Goa has been the epitome of beauty since decades and decades that have passed by. A place dotted with beautiful beaches and one of the greatest nightlife in India, which serves all purposes. When we watch a destination wedding taking place in movies, our minds automatically start dreaming about a Goa destination wedding. Marriage is that part of any person’s life that is meant to be the best, prosperous and fruitful. And a wedding day marks that day as a commitment to togetherness and the symbol of a new journey and love. No place can do it better than Goa, and no wedding planners can do it better than the Wedding Carpet. Wedding Carpet is one of the best Destination Wedding Planner in Goa.


A determined, passionate and professional team

Myshaadiwale has marked a reputation and recognition in the industry of wedding planners. And this has been possible, only because of the clients like you, who have placed your trust in us. Our team consists of members who are determined, passionate and give 100% to their job. It is our responsibility to the community to stick to the commitment and provide you with only the best. Our team is filled with professionals and experts who are all an expert in various fields. These fields are diverse like communication, marketing, public relations, business administration, etc. Over the years, we have grown and prospered in all areas. We move along with the trend and have worked after enriching our knowledge, researching and developing on what would be the best for our clients, depending on their preferences and choices. We understand that what you are looking for when you think of doing a destination wedding. We are a team of Wedding Planners in Goa, who strive to make an experience for you, only memorable and smoother.


Happy Clients

We love to see our clients extremely happy. The primary goal and aim of our any weddings are to make our clients extremely happy and satisfied. Wedding Carpet has fortunately always found clients who have been cooperative, open and frank. And we hope and know that we would find the same cooperation from you. Our only expectations from our clients are that they must be open, frank, and must give in all the ideas that they have in their mind to turn their vision into a reality. With such immense experience, we have always managed to make weddings a success. A happy client a day is a success for us at our job. Our Wedding Planner in Goa will leave no space for complaints. We always give our 100% to our commitment.


World Wide Collaborations

We are happy to tell you that Myshaadiwale has connections all across the globe. We have worked with clients from different countries and have marked a territory at every possible location with some excellence in our work. How do our worldwide collaborations help you? Our worldwide collaborations help us to serve you with the best. No matter what your wedding size, requirement, or budget is, we have got a solution for each type of your preferences. With so much of global expansion and networks, our team of professionals can advise you with the best locations, vendors, videographers, photographers, DJs, Bands, Florists, etc. All of these are sorted out and presented to you according to your wedding size and your budget. We love to do magic within boundaries; it brings out the best of us.

Myshaadiwale is a highly motivated Goa Wedding Planners, who has worked on all fronts. We provide you with a wide range of choices to choose from. From destination wedding to beach weddings, we can give you a lasting experience.

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