Bollywood Celebrities Wedding Planners in India

Bollywood has always been the main factor in influencing Indian’s mind and thoughts. “Wedding”, which is the most important event for any Indian, couldn’t stay away from it. Bollywood and Indian weddings share few things in common- drama and sentiments, hence today everyone dreams to have “bollywood style” wedding. From choosing exotic locations to having a rocking sangeet party with designer attire, young brides and grooms just want to add more masala to their filmy wedding.

Bollywood exhibits wedding in a very pompous and grand manner. Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s colourful canvases have jazzed up weddings.  Also thanks to films, young Indians across the world are familiar with terms like mehendi, sangeet, karva chauth, roka, mangni and the works associated with them.

The “joote do paise lo” from the movie- Hum apke hai kaun and the “Sangeet ceremony” inspired from the movie- Hum saath saath hai  resonates at every Indian wedding whether it’s in a metro or a small town. Films like Devdas, Jodha Akbar, Ramleela, Humpty Sharma ki dulhaniya and Yeh jawani hai deewani make people want to co-ordinate clothes and jewellery to bring forth that regal look.  People are ready to spend any amount to make their wedding just like Yash Raj film’s wedding in terms of decoration, venue, attire or customs. North Indian functions like sangeet and mehendi have found their way in other cultures too. People are incorporating customs and traditions from films into their wedding irrespective of coming from any corner of the country. Few people want a simple wedding like in ZNMD, or a big fat typical Indian wedding like in YJHD.


At Myshaadiwale, Top wedding planners in India, we strive to make every wedding different, tailored according to the needs of the bride and groom, along with our inputs. Last December we got to plan a typical “bollywood wedding” for a total “filmy couple”. It was the wedding of none other than Rahul and Simran. Everything was different about this pair, from their spicy lovestory to their bollywood lovers family. Their wedding had to be different.


Rahul, ‘naam toh suna hi hoga’, a young man from Mumbai who was all set to join his father’s business. He fell in love with Simran while he was studying in London. Simran, a bubbly girl from Delhi , had everything in common with the Ddlj’s Simran. She had gone to London with her friends when she first met Rahul. Ofcourse they didn’t fall in love at the first sight, as we all are very well aware about great love stories. It starts with friendship. In London they became friends but Rahul had already fallen in love with her. It was after a year when Rahul came to India and went to Delhi to look for Simran. They met and one day he proposed to her for marriage below the moonlight in the middle of nowhere. Simran had to say yes. Soon after that they told their parents. Just like any bollywood film there was a ——-. He was Patel, She was Kapoor. After a lot of persuation both the families agreed and they decided to get married.

This wonderful couple approached Myshaadiwale to direct their big fat Indian wedding. Mr Amit Patel who was a big fan of Amitabh bachan wanted the wedding to be as grand as possible. Simran , our bride a huge Srk fan wanted the wedding to be just like a Karan Johan wedding sequel. Mrs Hema Kapoor wanted every aspect of the wedding to be more dramatic. In short this two filmy families wanted a wedding movie- “Rahul ki Dulhaniya” without cuts interruption at one shot.

We at Myshaadiwale – Hindu wedding planner in India, got very excited too, to start planning their wedding. The theme was “Rahul ki dulhaniya”. We planned that the whole wedding would be like a movie set with Simran and Rahul as lead actors, in Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur. The wedding in itself would be a full fledged 45 minutes film along with pre-shoot to project their love story. All our members started giving out ideas to make the wedding filmy, but more than that the happiest day of Rahul and Simran.

Their wedding card invitation had to be as filmy as them. We created it in a very unique way by customizing their face in the movie poster of “Rab ne bana di Jodi” along with the Udaipur palace on actual canvas to make it look more dramatic. It included the date, venue and timings of the premiere and the launch of “Rahul ki Dulhaniya” premiere show. Invitations were sent. All the pre edding preparations were done in a bollywood style- a Kareena Kapoor style designer lehenga from Manish Malhotra and a matching sherwani for Rahul. A bollywood make-up artist and a pre-wedding film, which was done all the way in London. Simran , Rahul and their families left no stones unturned to make it a big fat bollywood wedding , so how can Myshaadiwale be behind. Everything was going well according to the script of “Rahul ki dulhaniya”.


The shamiana was set up , diwans were put out amidst the sarson da khet and Punjab di khushboo right in Udaipur because simran was ready with mehendi and ready with her doli. More than 1000 pots of mustard flowers were arranged to make it just like Punjab. Tractors were set up, mehendi artist were ready, a ddlj photo booth was ready with Raj’s    Mandoline and iconic movie poster cutouts. All the ladies were wearing Patiala with peranda and all men in pathani salwar. The food counters were set up in carts and minitrucks. There was sarso da saag and makai di roti with some London twist and lots and lots of beer. Sounds familiar! The mehendi function started with lot of bang, with all the relatives and friends dancing eating and ofcourse being a part of their wedding film.

For the evening, the ball was ready, disco lights were lit and the stage was ready to rock and roll. The late 80s Shammi Kapoor’s songs were on the roll, waiting the guests to shake it like shammi. In the entrance was a bollywood poster of Simran and Rahul dressed up in a retro style painted on the canvas was put up, making it more dramatic. Red carpet was set. Ladies dressed in shimmer, polka dots and in sarees draped like Mumtaz, gentlemen came in coats, suspenders and funky bow ties. Considering Rahul’s father to be a big fan of Amitabh Bacchan, a piece of moustache was given to every male to make it like ‘Nathulaal”. Classic champagne was served to everyone as they entered. A fountain There were  food stalls put up in the form of a movie set like “Sholay”, ”Mother India”, “Karan Arjun” and “Mughle Azam”. Each with cutouts, photo-booth and food inspired from that background. A live band performed singing only the songs from old hindi movies. While spot lights and disco lights were doing their magic, we captured each and every moment. A special performance by Simran was delivered which a surprise for everyone. She sang the song ‘Chura lia hai tumne’ sitting in an elevated chair with a guitar in her hand right in front of the champagne fountain. Everyone shaked a leg on the old songs and enjoyed till late. After all old is gold.


A typical “haldi ceremony set” was ready keeping in mind movies like ‘hum apke hai kaun’ and ‘yjhd’. Flowers were arranged, singers were ready, but neither of the guests were seen.  Everyone was in a hangover except for Mr Patel. The haldi program which was scheduled to start at 10:00 am got delayed to 1:00 pm. Mr Patel got furious. Throughout the ceremony he kept away. Finally we splurged an idea to Rahul and Simran to cool down Mr Patel. It was a typical bollywood scene. All eyes were set on those three while they were just talking, discussing and showing actions which was all inaudible to us. We – destination wedding planners in india, recorded everything. As planned, a cricket match between the ladkiwale and the ladkewale was arranged. Who could be a better umpire than the pomerian dog. We – royal wedding planners in india,  were already ready with the dog and the script was going according to Myshaadiwale’s writing.

‘See you in the award night today’ handouts were sent to everyone’s room before they left after the cricket match. Around 25 photographers on both the side of the red carpets flashed as the guests made their way into the Sangeet hall. It was an awards night to see who wins more awards- ladki wale or the ladke wale. Led screens were set up on the stage. The whole hall was decorated like an award ceremony with round tables and lightings. There were bollywood printed cushion covers, old mobie posters with light around them.. Name tags to each dish was given–“Maa ke haath ka Gajjar ka Halwa”, “’Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana” or “Bemisal Basundi”! Food gleaned from all movies – biryani, chaat, samosa, bread pakora was there along with a movie cake with a tower where SRK was posing. Everyone was ready to set the stage on fire. Both the sides danced on the epic bollywood hits with exact attire and movie background on the led. Awards like “best jodi”, “most eligible bachelor”, etc were announced. The best show for the night were by the stars themselves- Rahul and Simran. A musical skit, with background, action, songs and storyline was performed. This performance had won all the hearts.

A serene wedding took place in the mandap right in between the Udaipur lake next morning. Simran was dressed up like a Punjabi dulhan  while rahul was dressed in kurta. After the seven vows and kanyadaan an officiate from Gurudwara came performed the ceremonies. Simran had a bollywood father-daughter moment which was captured by us. There was feeling of joy, sadness and a burst f emotions by Simran’s mother. The scene was just perfect. The emotions were too much to be captured in a single frame.


Right in the centre of the palace a grand …………… Rahul entered in an elephant, Simran entered in a royal doli. Dressed in Anita Dongre , in exact Jodha Bai avatar, while Rahul didn’t look less like a prince- a bollywood prince. Bugals and trumpets blew while they both went to the platform from varmala. Showers of rose petals on everyone present continued for 5 minutes.