How Can A Wedding Planner Make The Wedding Easy And Hassle Free

Wedding planners are like fairy godmothers in heels (for our male wedding planners, please excuse this comparison). Unfortunately, a wedding planner cannot wave a magic wand and instantly plan a bride and groom’s dream wedding or sprinkle glitter in the air to make everyone smile, but they do have the insight and experience necessary to take the stress out of wedding planning for couples and stop them from breaking the bank.

The role and responsibilities of a wedding planner can be explained below:

  1. Consultation

An initial consultation with a client is a common first duty of a wedding coordinator. S/he meets with the couple and discusses the type of wedding they want. The size of the wedding, along with the general setting, is key area of discussion. The coordinator also needs to find out how much the couple wants to spend, because this dramatically affects how much detail and quality is possible. The coordinator’s fee is also discussed at the initial consultation.

    1. Planning

After the initial consultation, the planner begins putting plans into action. S/he books a location on the chosen date and contacts vendors, stationery makers, floral companies, musicians and others who will contribute to the wedding experience. Before and during this phase, the wedding planner maintains close contact with the couple to ensure that they are in agreement with what develops. In some cases, the planner may have to inquire about raising the budget if the couple requests higher-priced services.

    1. Managing the budget

Usually the wedding planners can boast the wide experience in the wedding budget managing and thus can help to decide on the services that will suit your budget. For instance, the royal wedding planner can help to find the beautiful place for holding the wedding that won’t cost you anything owing to the priceless wedding industry contacts.

          1. Attention to details

Myshaadiwale – Wedding planner in India, is the one who will sit with the bride and groom for hours and discuss their vision of their own wedding event and convert them into reality. While the clients will be sharing their preferences and desires, the wedding planner will advice the best options as well as create the overall plan. He or she will take care of all the wedding-planning aspects such as invitations, décor, venue, music and menu. The wedding planners is supposed to take over the wedding logistics, but not make the serious decisions.

          1. Working with the vendors

A skilled Celebrity wedding planner has already built the valuable contacts with wedding vendors like photographers, florists, wedding filmers, bakers, caterers, musicians etc, so he or she will help you find the best vendors within your wedding budget, which saves a lot of time.

  1. Keeping the track of tasks

Usually keeping the track of all the tasks is the hardest part in wedding planning. The wedding planner is the one who sets the appointments with wedding vendors and takes over the tedious contract part. Besides, an experienced wedding planner can obtain a discount owing to the business relations.

  1. Managing during the wedding day

There is nothing more stressful than orchestrating the wedding day and that’s when the wedding planner can play the major role. He or she ensures everything goes smoothly on the most important day in your life. The wedding planner takes over the logistics and creates the wedding day timeline. Everything starting from vendors coordinating to the ensuring the wedding cake looks the way you wished is the wedding planner’s responsibilities.

  1. Travel arrangements and coordination with the guests

A wedding planner is responsible to make all the travel arrangements for the outstation guests and all the guests, during a destination wedding. They arrange the travel itineraries, plan their stay and coordinate with them regarding all the function details, venues and locomotion facilities. They also make arrangements for the honeymoon and prepare a honeymoon package for the bride and the groom.

  1. Taking care of the Bride’s and Groom’s personal requirements

There are 100 things more other than the venue, catering and guests management. Things like personal grooming, personality development sessions, appointment with the dietician, choreographers, photographers and other requirements to cater to the personal needs of the bride and the groom are taken care of. A bride and a groom go through many anxieties and apprehensions. It is the responsibility of the wedding planner to keep them hassle free and convert all their expectations into reality.


Since every wedding will be entirely unique, the answer to the question, “What does a wedding planner do?” will never be entirely complete. But nevertheless, take away this message: the primary duty as a wedding planner is to satisfy the concerns that the bride and the groom had when she decided to look for a wedding planner. These concerns will always change, and that is OK. As long as you’re there to meet them, you’ve fulfilled your duty.

Despite the stress and pressure that comes with the territory, wedding planning can be a very lucrative and rewarding experience if done diligently and responsibly.

Go out there and remember to enjoy it! It’s like playing a key role in making someone’s dreams come to reality.

How many people can say that about their careers?